Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where did you take your book this summer...

and where did it take you?

Just for fun, we'd like to take an informal survey of where you did your summer reading.  Was that novel really a beach read, or did you take it hiking in the mountains or on the plane ride to your family reunion?  Or, did you stay home and let the book take you for a ride?  Please take a moment to share your reading travels by adding a comment at the end of this post.

To get you started, we have...

Larry Adler relaxing on the shore of Lake Placid while he reads the Adirondack Trail Guide.

Sophia Friedman, really on the dock by the lake, visiting the Treski's house while reading Jacqueline Davies' The Lemonade Wars. 

Caleb Friedman in body is visiting Lake Placid, but in his imagination he's transported to the English village of Stilton as he reads The Mysterious Cheese Thief by Geronimo Stilton.

One Down, One to Go

School's out for summer, and it will be for another whole month.  If that early glow of excitement at being free to sleep in and stay up late has started to fade, and your kids are looking for something to do, look no further than the Cambridge Public Library. Our libraries continue to offer wonderful summer programs for children of all ages, as well as respite from the heat.
Mr. Mike showcased each animal, discussing
its usefulnes to our Earth with the audience.

 On Wednesday, July 18th twenty-five children attended “Museum of Science Presents: Animal Invaders” at the O’Neill branch and learned about three formidable home invaders – cockroaches, snakes, and rats.  One mother, who attended with her five- and six-year-old children expressed great appreciation for these summer programs, saying,“We are huge fans.” Another mother added that the library and its programs are “a gift.”

All materials were provided by the library
but these kite makers brought their
own ingenuity and craftiness.

On the same day, the Teen Room at the Main Library offered a do-it-yourself kite-making workshop led by Maya Escobar, Teen Services Librarian. Yesterday there was a jewelry workshop. On August 2nd teens can show up for a discussion of The Contender, a CRLS required reading book . Other required summer reading books for CRLS will be discussed throughout the month of August.

More information about activities in the Teen Room can be found on their blog .  To find out about summer offerings at all of the branches, visit the library's website or pick up the red brochure "Dream Big READ!" at your home branch.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Take Our Word For It

Looking for a good summer read?  You'll find our recommendations on the sidebar to the right.  And in case our word isn't good enough for you or you finish our list by the end of July, here's a series of links to other recommended "beach reads."  Enjoy your search...and your summer!

There are always great things happening at the library! For more information on how you can get involved with the Friends and help us to support our Cambridge libraries click here.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh! The times, they are a'changin'!

I just got back from my local branch library.  At check-out the librarian, helpful and friendly as always, gave me a bookmark detailing a new circulation policy that went into effect just last Thursday.
Here's a copy of the bookmark in living color:

As you can see, the policy relates to how long a borrower may keep materials checked out from the CPL.  I asked, and it turns out that the changes, which are pretty simple, were made in response to feedback from patrons and staff. 

New books now circulate for 2 weeks and can be renewed twice if no one has placed the book on hold. This should lessen the wait time for holds.  I'm hoping this means that I will get the latest John Irving book any week now!

Speed Reads have undergone a name change.  CPL staff member Kelly Linehan told me that to some library users the term “Speed Read” communicated a need for reading speedily. This was never the intention. Kelly said, "Our main goal with Speed Reads was for patrons to skip the network queues for popular titles, and see copies of high demand items on the shelves while browsing."  To emphasize that it's about the speed of getting the book, not reading it, they're changing the name to Express Reads. In addition, these books now  circulate for 2 weeks instead of 1.  As before, renewal is not an option.

There's one final user-friendly change. A book from the General Collection will now circulate for 4 weeks and can be renewed twice if no one has put it on hold. If you compare this to the current policy, you'll see that it adds up to the same amount of total time, provided no one is waiting. But, getting an extra week right off the bat means that you might not have to call or go online to renew.

Isn't nice to have a public library system that not only listens to its patrons but actually acts on our suggestions?

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

See You in September

Just like the school calendar, the meetings of the Friends of the Library board begin in September and continue through June.  On June 19 the 2011-2012 board gathered for a final meeting and a potluck dinner to discuss the accomplishments of the past year.
We looked back over our membership drive and were proud to note that this year we had almost 400 members.  And if you are one of the 400, we thank you for your contribution.  Because of your robust financial support, this April we were able to donate $20,000 which the library will use to strengthen its collections.

We toasted the success of the recently completed Secret Garden Tour and shared some of our favorite garden sites. But just like the planners of the Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, who start all over again the next Monday, we also discussed a list of suggested improvements that will insure the smooth running and continued success of the tour when it returns in 2014. 

 The meeting also marked a transition.  President Judy Elstein pictured at the left with her successor, Arend Sluis, is departing from the board after 7 years of dedicated service.  Judy assured board members that she would continue to be  active with the Friends.  “A major part of my identity is that I am a reader and a library user,” she said. The board thanked her and acknowledged her work with a gift card. The remaining new officers for 2012-13 were also announced.  They are Vice-President PJ Neal, Treasurer Paul Trunell, and Secretary Eva Adler.  The new officers will be officially installed at the Friends’ Annual Meeting in October. 

Keep your calender open.  Last year’s Annual Meeting featured a Trivia Contest that was so popular we've heard that another is scheduled for this year.  More on that later this summer. There are always great things happening at the library! For more information on how you can get involved with the Friends and help to support our Cambridge libraries click here.