Monday, November 28, 2011

The Pro Tour

We think it’s time for the Secret Gardens of Cambridge to go professional.

No, no, we don’t mean we’re going to hire a consultant to take over the gardens, or even manage the tour. What we’re offering this year is a way for those of you who really love gardening to experience our gardens with a professional guide.

Imagine touring the Secret Gardens with a professional landscape architect who can tell you why that plant works well in this particular space or what other plants might work just as well.

Imagine asking someone who does this for a living your questions about soil types or sunlight requirements.

Imagine trading ideas with a handful of other gardeners or asking about your own garden and what you might do to make it bloom like the ones that you’re seeing on this very private tour.

For the first time, and for only $50, you can join a select group who will tour some of our secret gardens in the company of a professional landscape gardener the day before the official tour next June. On that Saturday you’ll have a head start on the tour itself, get gardening tips from a professional, and see the Secret Gardens of Cambridge through the eyes of someone who has seen hundreds of gardens and may even have helped to design some of the gardens you’ll visit. Then on Sunday you can check out the rest of the gardens on your own. Even better - take your friends back to the Saturday gardens, and you can be the expert.

Keep checking this blog for more information about the guided tour.

The Professional Secrets tour of the Secret Gardens of Cambridge. We just love the idea of going pro.

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