Friday, March 9, 2012

"$how Me the Money"

It's one of those unforgettable movie lines.  I was watching a re-run of "Jerry Maguire" last week, and it got me thinking.  Maybe as a member (or potential member) of the Friends of the CPL, you'd like to be reminded of what happens to your money once you send in your membership check.  We can't show you the actual money, but we can show you what we did with it.

We purchased museum memberships so that library patrons could access free or reduced admissions.

We funded authors’ visits and other children’s programs at the Main library and at the branches.

We paid for the prizes used to reward the deserving young winners of the library's annual poetry contest.

      We funded our wonderful community-wide Cambridge Reads program.

We purchased the license needed in order to screen films at the libraries.

And for 2012, in addition to supporting our usual projects, we are proud to have provided $20,000.00 for the purchase of new materials, so that you and other library patrons will be able to get just the books you want with an even shorter waiting period! You'll find a picture of  Library Director Susan Flannery and Friends Membership Chair Arend Sluis admiring some of the new  books at the top of the sidebar to the right.

There are always great things happening at the library! For more information on how you can get involved with the Friends and help to support our Cambridge libraries click here.

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