Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Library Playaway Weight Loss Plan

Here's a fresh new weight loss idea submitted by one of our members. 

For years the words “work out” were anathema to me.  You, like me, have undoubtedly read articles about the virtues of daily exercise for weight loss and overall health and mood improvement.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve glanced at these articles, sighed, and quickly turned the page.   It took my experience this summer with a new audio technology at the library to make me a believer in the good that exercise can do.

 Knowing I’ve long enjoyed audio books and regularly borrow them from the library, a friend told me about Playaways, small cassettes which hold an entire book.  You don’t have to download anything.  The borrower simply supplies her own headphones and a AAA battery.

 I’ve wanted to lose 10 pounds for a while.  With the Playaway, I quickly found that if I’m listening to a book while walking, I can walk for an hour or more.  I’ve walked all over Cambridge and Somerville listening to We Bought A Zoo, The King’s Speech, David Copperfield (haven’t read that since high school!), Middlemarch (never read that in high school), and currently, A Soldier of the Great War. Because listening to a book always feels like a delicious escape from responsibility, I find myself plotting ways to fit in an extra walk or a longer one.

Since starting the “Playaway diet” in June, I’ve lost 6 pounds and feel great.  My new first stop at the main library is the mezzanine where I check out what’s on the Playaway shelves.  This has truly been the best feel good and lose weight activity I’ve ever heard of. 

Cambridge is embarking on some gorgeous autumn weather, perfect for being outside -- so now is a great time to stop at the library and start your own Playaway habit.

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  1. Listening to a good book does sound like a good way to keep your mind off exercise.