Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Professional Secrets To Be Revealed on May Day

The "Professional Secrets" garden tour. It's new, it's exclusive, and it's only being offered to members of the Friends of CPL.

We've been talking for months about our new pro tour;  how for only $50 you can join a select group that will tour some of the Friends' secret gardens in the company of Michael Hanlon, a professional landscape gardener, on June 9th, the day before the official Sunday tour. On that Saturday you’ll get a head start on the tour itself and be able to get gardening tips from a professional. Then on Sunday you can check out the rest of the gardens on your own.  This is a "can't miss" for the amateur gardener who wants to get in on the secrets of successful gardening in Cambridge. 

There are only 12 tickets available, and they are only available to members of the Friends of the Cambridge Public Library.  So how do you get one?  At 9 AM on May 1st we will email all Friends members with specific directions for purchasing one of the Golden Tickets.  Then it's up to you to follow through.  It will be first come/first served until the tickets are gone.  What if we don't have your email?  If you are a Friends member, you can send it to us at before May 1st, and we will add you to our email group.

Good luck, and good gardening!

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