Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Reason to Rhyme

It's April and once again Cambridge poets in grades K-8 have the opportunity to enter their original work in the city-wide Cambridge Public Library/Cambridge Tree Project Poetry Competition. Entries are being accepted until Monday, April 30th.

Amanda Gazin, who is coordinating the competition, says, "Since its inception in 1999, the poetry contest has grown and developed into a competition that brought in over 1,200 entrants last year. And yet the poets and their poems continue to run the gamut of all that makes Cambridge special. We find them funny, earnest, flippant, tortured, from the accidental perfect phrasing of a first grader to the carefully crafted pentameter of a middle-schooler. The annual reading is one of the happiest and friendliest programs the library hosts. We were delighted to learn this year that the Friends of the Library have offered to fund the prizes as part of their regular annual budget."

 If you'd like more information on how to enter, you can find it on the library's web site.  Just click here and scroll down until you see the contest flyer.  And if you are looking for inspiration, you might enjoy reading this poem, written by last year’s First Place Kindergartner, Ellen:

You can find out more about last year's contest and winners if you click here .

There are always great things happening at the library! For more information on how you can get involved with the Friends and help to support our Cambridge libraries click here.

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