Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do it now, before you forget!

Our wonderful library system has branches all across our fair city,
 and Secret Gardens Tour chairperson Bruce Mays wants to remind
everyone that our goal is to make the tour equally as representative

The 2012 tour was a fantastic success.  Brisk ticket sales, great weather, beautiful gardens, helpful gardeners, and generous sponsors.  The Friends of the Cambridge Public Library, the sponsoring group behind this biennial event, would like to make sure that the 2014 tour is just as successful and that it includes plenty of gardens from North and East Cambridge as well.  And we'd like your help.  If you know of a garden in either area, secret or open, that would be a good fit for our tour, please send us a note at cambridgelibraryfriends@gmail.com. Do it now, before you forget!

There are always great things happening at the library! For more information on how you can get involved with the Friends and help to support our Cambridge libraries click here.

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